charge IT mobility

We bring intelligence to your e-car Charging System

Online management system

The chargeIT mobility online portal is the access to the management system of the charging infrastructure. Thanks to this platform, infrastructure and E-fleet operators are able to monitor, evaluate and manage their charging points. Automatic emails and text messages further enhance the service. Via the online portal, the charging box operators manage the user data and specify different price modules for every charging point.


Billing by text message

The "SMS&Charge" software module which is also available enables activation and billing with any cell phone at the chargeIT mobility charging stations. The costs are settled conveniently via the user's cell phone bill. No prior registration with the charging box operator, or the conclusion of a customer contract, is necessary. With payment via text message, barriers to use such as registration and the disclosure of personal data are also omitted. The activation and billing via SMS takes place as follows: The user sends a text message to the speed dial number stated on the charging box. The covers then open and the user is able to connect their vehicle, they then receive a confirmation text message with price information and an acknowledgment PIN. The billing then takes place automatically via the user's monthly cell phone bill or prepaid credit. The charging process is also concluded via text message. The operator of the charging infrastructure simply receives a credit note, omitting further billing costs. Due to the fact that every user is able to charge without any prior registration the key requirement for users' free accessibility to the charging box is satisfied.

Charging Controller

The heart of every online-capable charging infrastructure is the control electronics. Developed and manufactured especially for E-mobility applications with our specialists in-house, the chargeIT mobility circuit board can also be integrated in other manufacturers' existing E-charging systems. Both bike charging stations and E-car charging stations can become "intelligent" with our control electronics. The new Powerline load management controller controls the photovoltaic, battery storage and charging infrastructure for the optimization of the energy consumption and the maximization of the proportion of solar power in the E-vehicles. Vehicle charging box communication according to ISO 15118 is also possible with these electronics. 


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