About us

chargeIT mobility GmbH was founded in 2010 and is headquartered at the INNOPARK technology center in Kitzingen. The company is part of the hoch.rein company group and has been operating under its new name since November 2016. chargeIT mobility has been developing its charging solutions for electric vehicles since the fledgling electro-mobility industry took off. True to its guiding principle of connecting e-mobility, the company aims to develop intelligent ICT solutions to help link charging and mobility for easy-to-use everyday applications.


As an independent platform provider, chargeIT thus supplies networked electro-mobility from the Baltic Sea right up to the edge of the Alps. An experienced e-mobility service provider, chargeIT offers fully integrated overall solutions for energy suppliers and industry partners, ranging from the basic charging station hardware and ICT solutions through to an all-in service. It develops and produces the charging infrastructure required to support this technology (for electric cars, buses, and bikes) in Kitzingen, Nuremberg, Regensburg, Dresden, and Mindelheim. This infrastructure is cost-effective to maintain, flexibly designed, and simple to operate. The BELECTRIC online features not only enable you to manage loads easily but also to calculate your bills by SMS or the smartphone app and send real-time charging information to charging station finders, apps, and navigation systems.


More than 1,000 chargeIT charging points with online features have already been installed in Germany, France, Italy and Romania.

chargeIT mobility at a glance:

  • Founded in 2010 with the development and production of intelligent e-mobility charging infrastructures
  • 1000 installed charging points equipped with the intelligent Charging Box Controller
  • Close cooperation with public utility companies
  • Active serving member of the German BDEW (association for Natural gas, electricity and district heat, water and wastewater)
  • Manager of consortium at the national research project INTELLAN of the Federal Environment Ministry BMU